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Lalibela also known as the second Jerusalem which are known by the famous monolithic rock-hewn churches with amazing architectural skill, those magnificent rock cut churches erected in 12th century, this churches erected by king Lalibela he is one of the outstanding king during the Zagwe dynasty, his ambition was to make this place holy land of Christianity next to Jerusalem, in this sacred town there are about 11 surrounding churches both of them have their own specialties by architectural but they are same been erected from one single bedrock those edifices seem to be one of superhuman creation in scale, workmanship and concepts that the world have never seen yet, the UNESCO gives recognition for those 11 churches as a world heritage sites and dived them in to two main groups the north and south groups the north groups consists of Bete Medhanialem( House of the savior of the world), Bete Meskel (House of the cross), Bete Mariam(House of Mary),Bete Gologotha Mikael( House of Gologotha Mikael), Bete Dengel( House of Virgins) the south churches consist of Bete Amanuel(House of Emmanuel), Bete Qeddus Mercoreus(House of St. Mercoreos ), Bete Abba Libanos(House of Abbot Libanos), Bete Gabreal Rafual (House of Raphael), and Bete Lehem(House of Holy Bread) , the last is Bete Geiorgise(House of St. George) it is isolated from others.

Bete Giorgis:- is one of the major and attractive rock-hewn church of Lalibela which is cut in to 40 feet down to the ground and it form the shape of cross with amazing space of door and windows the interior painting is also remarkable.

Bete Medhane Alem:- this church is the largest monolithic church in the world, several of the interior are decorated with mural paintings it is one of the pilgrimage for Coptic Christians since 12th century.

Bete Mariam:- is also the remarkable and the oldest of the Lalibela churches you can find many shapes on the outside wall of the church such as, array of carved window, the shape of cross in a square, square windows, Axum shape semi-circle windows, and Maltese cross.

Bete Gologotha:- this church is well known by the art work which is painted on the wall also it is said to contain the tomb of king Lalibela.

Nakuto Le Ab church
Nakutolab church is one of the tourist attraction found nearby Lalibela Rock hewn churches, the church is build inside the mountain cave with identical painting also attractive space use with best shapes of door and windows, it is found only 6 km from the town of Lalibela.

Lake Tana islands and monastery
There are a lot of ancient churches and monasteries on the lake “Tana” islands, this all are made before 14 century both of them fund in different island there are 37 islands on Lake Tana, all the islands are ever green also you can find coffee farms and the best spot to watch the endemic birds of Ethiopia, You will observe the priceless ancient history’s and natural attractions of Ethiopia in the lake Tana area ,the following are the most famous churches and monasteries found in the Lake Tana islands, in most of the monastery woman’s are not allowed but you can check out the surrounding natural beauty of the islands .

Tana Cherkos
Is well known by the resting place of the Ark of the covenant from 400 BC to 400AD then later move to St marry church of Axum not only this ancient history tells that St marry is been stayed in this church for about 3 months during her travel to Egypt.

Ura Kidane Mihret
Is an ancient church build in 16th century every inch of the wall is very colorful and showing censes of miracles.

Kibran Gebriel
In this church you can find ancient manuscripts books and the well known ancient Gospel.

Dega Istifanos
It’s founded in the 15th century it is remarkable church next to Tana cherkos due to the Ark of the Covenant, it’s been kept here for temporary period secretly.

Zege peninsula
The Zege peninsula found on south western shore of the lake Tana you can see about 6 churches and monastery such as, Zege Giorgis, Bete Mariam, Ura Kidane Mehret , Azwa Mariam , Tekle Hymanot and Debre Selasie this island is also a place which have got large natural forests, coffee farms harbors so many monkeys and birds.

Blue Nile Fall
Blue Nile also known as ‘ Tis Abay’ meaning smoking water by the local language of Amharic, it’s one of spectacular great water fall in Africa it’s found on the south eastern shore of Lake Tana about 30km downstream of the lake .
The fall is 40 meters high its width varied from time to time in the rainy season its became about 500 meters wide, this fall is found close to the town of Bahirdar the well known tourist attraction of Ethiopia so it is very accessible to watch this magnificent water fall also near from the water fall you can find an ancient bridge build by Emperor Susenyos in 1626, the surrounding area is a place where you can find Endemic plant specious and the home of many birds and wild life.