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Sightseeing of the ancient city of Harar
The ancient city of Harar is found in Eastern part of Ethiopia its 523km from Addis Ababa, this town is dominant by the encircling walls which tightly embrace the town, Ahmed Nur is been the king of Harar from 1551-1567 who build the wall for the sake of protection, there are 5 gates to this holy town and 82 Muslim mosques this makes the town the fourth most holy city of Islam, and also Ras Teferiance consider Harar the second holy city because king Ras Teferi Mekonen born in the town.
This town has also so many attractions such as colorful market places, towering, majestic’s mountains & in the night time you can watch the peaceful hyenas feed meat by man, also the French poet Rimbaud choose this town to live, his home is being a museum, you will watch those all exiting places in the town, UNESCO gives its recognition for this spectacular town as a world heritage.
The surrounding of Harar city have its own attraction such as coffee farms, Harar is well known by the organic best test coffee product its very popular coffee in Ethiopia also international and 25km away from city of Harar you can find the stone village of Argoba peoples called Kureme, Dire Dawa town and the Babile Elephant sanctuary.
AWASH National park
This park is the oldest and most developed wild life reserve in Ethiopia, featuring the 1,800-meters high Fentalle volcano mountain, extensive mineral hot-springs and extraordinary volcanic formation, this natural treasure is bordered to the south by the Awash River and found 225 kilometers east of Addis Ababa.
This park is the home of East African plains animals such as Oryx, bat-eared fox, caracal, aardvark, colobus and green monkeys, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons, klipspringer, leopard, bush-buck, hippopotamus, Soemmering’s gazelle, cheetah, kudu…, and 450 species of bird.

Type of tour:-Historical & nature
Day Travel Itineraries Hotel
1 City tour in Addis Ababa City tour in Addis Ababa from the first biggest open air market in Africa to the national museum of Ethiopia watching lot of ancient historical materials also fossil of early mankind, then at the night time watching cultural dancing called “eskista” and testing the traditional dishes of Ethiopia at cultural restaurant Jupiter Hotel
2 Drive to Harar

after you arrive in Harar start visiting the town by Ras Tefari Mekonen house the former king of Ethiopia , house of Rimbaud and the Harari cultural center, at the night time watching the peaceful hyenas feed meat by men Heritage plaza hotel
3 Drive to Argoba village Half day visit in Harar town which is the colorful market place, countless mosques the surrounding wall of the town on afternoon drive to Argoba village watching the stone village then back to Harar Heritage plaza hotel
4 Drive to Diredwa

on the way watching the amazing land escapes and rock formation also the market place found in Babille you can also see camel market which is held on Monday and Thursday ,then visiting the best town of Diredawa Blossom hotel

5 Drive to to Awash national park
watching the hot springs, Awash fall, vast number of wild life and bird life Awash fall lodge
6 Drive to Sodore visiting the spa town taking shower by Natural hot spring also you can swim Sodore resort hotel
7 Drive back to Addis Ababa

On the way back watching Debrezyt town and the famous rift valley lakes then continue driving to Addis Ababa after arrival you will attend our farewell dinner at cultural restaurant, Departure Departure
N.B. depending up on your request this Itinerary can be modify.