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Debre libanos monastery
This monastery is found in northern part Ethiopia it is 110 km from Addis Ababa, this monastery is founded in 13th century by his holiness saint Tekle Haymanot, he is been prays for 7 years on his one foot, this monastery played significant role for the spread of Christianity to the highlands of Ethiopia.

You can find monks living in the cave , this monastery is use to teach religious knowledge those students known as ‘ yekolo temari’ also you can find the best religious museum which have got many ancient properties.

The surrounding of this monastery is very attractive you can see the 600m twin waterfall which is one of the tributaries of Abbay River (Blue Nile), the landscape of the monastery is very interesting view of the cliffs and the lower Jemma valley, this place is the spot to watch vast number of birds also the endemic Gelada Baboons which are only found in Ethiopia.

The Portuguese bridge
It is found close to the Debrelibanos monastery the bridge is built in 16th century by the Portuguese, it is build by stone and egg yolk, the surrounding area is very attractive which is Jemma river gorges.

Tour Code: AET-26
Duration: 1 day
Type of tour:- Historical rout and Nature tour
Mode of transport:- minibus

Package Details

Day 1:-
Early we start our journey to those historical and natural attractions after 1 hr drive we make a full day visit in the ancient monastery Debrelibanos which is established in 13th century and the Portuguese bridge area with its amazing land escape harmonized by bird life then drive back to Addis Ababa at 6pm then watching Ethiopian traditional dance and testing food and drinks of Ethiopia in traditional club, departure.