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Ethiopia is one of the top destination in the world to watch varieties of birds, Ethiopia have got more than 924 species of birds among those 23 are endemics only recorded in Ethiopia such as Abyssinian catbird, Abyssinian long-clow, black-winged love bird, wattled crane, Banded barbet, blue wing gees ,white – collared pigeon, white-tailed swallow, golden-backed wood pecker, yellow-throated seed- eater, Thick-billed raven, white-collared pigeon, Black-headed siskin are few of them, the best season to watch birds in Ethiopia is between September – February , bird watchers from all over the world choose Ethiopia to experience those vast number of birds, we can make a best Itinerary if you are interested to watch Birds in Ethiopia, also we do have 2 special tour packages which will long for 15 and 7 days, you will experience a vast variety of birds in southern and eastern rift valley of Ethiopia those places of Ethiopia are a best spots to watch different species of birds, our specialized bird tour Guide will make your trip unforgettable.

Tour code:- AET-10
Duration:- 15 Days & also 7 days
Type of tour:-bird watching tour
Mode of transport:- 4WD car
Itinerary overview

Day1:- Addis Ababa- Menagesha suba forest
Visiting Menagesha forest which is the richest habitat for many bird life that include the 7 endemic Ethiopian birds En route visit the Gefersa dam where you can see numerous colorful aquatic birds then Back to Addis testing traditional food and drink, watching different cultural dances in traditional club. Overnight in Getfam Hotel

Day2:- Addis Ababa- Debrezyt
Visiting Entoto mountain which is 3,200 meters above sea level which is covered by forest best place to watch high land birds also panoramic view of Addis Ababa then drive to Debrezyt, This small town is found 40 km from the capital it is found in rift valley zone good spot to watch at least 40 different species of birds around the seven lakes in the town, Overnight in viewpoint lodge

Day3:- Debrezyt- Awash National park
This park is one of the richest Park by bird life and also wild life you can find 450 species of birds, Overnight in Awash fall lodge

Day4:- Awash National park- Lake Langano
You will visit the rest of birds in the park after lunch we proceed driving to langano, overnight in bishangari lodge

Day5:- Lake Langano- Abijata shala national park
Lake Langano and its surrounding is one of the best place for birds after visiting the area drive to Abijata Shala national park, it is a paradise for birds you can see 300 bird species including water birds, overnight in 10,000 flamingos lodge

Day6:- Abijata shala national park
Full day visit in the park, Abijata lake and lake chitu which is found in the park well known by thousand of flamingos also on grass land you can see many ostrich, overnight in 10,000 flamingos lodge

Day7:- Abijata shala national park- Awassa
On the lake shore of Awassa you can see different water birds enjoying the beautiful sun set, overnight in lewi resort

Day8:- Awassa- Yabelo
On our way enjoying the forest which harbors many bird life, overnight in yabelo motel

Day9:-Yabelo sanctuary
Full day visit in the sanctuary this place harbors many bird species through the juniper forest, overnight in yabelo motel

Day10:- Yabelo- Yirgalem
Today you will pass through in the scenic forests you will observe many species of birds, overnight in Aregash lodge

Day11:- Yirgalem - Wendogenet
Trekking in to the densely forest area to watch other birds, overnight in wendogenet hotel

Day12:- Wendogenet- Bale mountain National park
In this park there are over 320 bird species including half of Ethiopia’s endemic birds also many wild animals, overnight in Bale lodge

Day13:- Bale Mountain National Park
Full day visit and gaming in the park it is available to ride horse to watch the endemic birds in the Afro Alpian eco system, overnight in Bale lodge

Day14:- Drive to Harena forest
This forest is one of natural forest riches by habitat one stop spot to watch the rest of birds in Goba region then we will drive to Goba, Overnight in wabishebelle Hotel

Day15:- Goba – Addis Ababa
Drive back to Addis Ababa Visiting Zoological museum of Ethiopia and visiting the beautiful cathedral trinity church, after you attend our farewell dinner with best Ethiopian coffee departure