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Ancient Ethiopian churches and monastery
Ethiopia have got a lot of ancient churches those churches have got an amazing architecture which you never expect from early civilization, you can find out and will answer for, “what is early civilization?“, When you check the ancient churches of Ethiopia.

Debre Damo
Debre Damo is the magnificent monastery which is found on the top of Damo mountain this mountain is 1000 by 400 meters dimension this monastery established by the holly man called Abune Aregawi in the 6th century, to get to this monastery there is rope from the top of the mountain down to ground and the holes of the mountain to climb, visitors tied their waist and use the holes of the mountain the monks pull the rope on the top of the mountain ,this monastery only allowed for men visitors, when you arrive to this monastery you can watch ancient bibles manuscripts also its amazing interior painting they are still attractive and didn’t miss its originality.

Abune Gerima
This ancient monastery founded by his holiness Abune Gerima in the 6th century this monastery is well known by the gospel ,this gospel is 1488 years old it’s one of the most oldest gospel in the world this gospel written in Geeze language it’s an ancient language but still alive in Ethiopian orthodox churches, the most amazing thing about this gospel is the color didn’t lose its originality until now, also for the sake of the protection it’s covered with gold , not only this the interior and exterior of this monastery is very magnificent when it’s combine with the surrounding area of the monastery also it’s a spot to watch vast number of bird species.

Wukro Cherkos
This church is an amazing church shaped in cross by sand stone jointed to mountain but half of the church standing by itself this makes it semi monolith, its build in 4th century, it’s very accessible to watch this church its interior decorated by colorful paints and also drawing of angle and saints, there are 13 square shaped standing colons which support the 6 meter concrete ceiling.

Abrha We Atsebaha
Is also another outstanding ancient church its name came from the famous twin Aksumite kings called Abrha and Atsebaha who introduce Christianity to Ethiopia in 4th century it’s interior is decors with murals and paintings, the unique thing you may seen is the ceiling have got unique patterns and shapes.

Gheralta Mountain churches
There are lot of famous birth taking ancient rock hewn churches in the rocky mountain of Gheralta and surrounding those churches are found in Tigray regional state of Ethiopia this area is one of the best place to watch the ancient civilization of Ethiopia, each Gheralta rock hewn churches build between 4-15 century , if you think to watch those rock hewn churches you should get ready to trek and hike for the mountain almost all the churches found on the top of the mountain and also inside the mountain you may tired but you worth it when you watch the external and interior Architecture of the churches ,the paintings, the manuscripts and the land escapes .

The name of the churches are the following Abune Yemata , Debre Tsion, Mariam Korkor, Daniel Korkor, Mariam Papasati, Saint Mikael, Yohannes Maequddi, Mariam Ayrefeda, Degum Sellassie , each of the churches have their own architecture, space, paintings also land escape but the only thing make them the same is both are ancient and constructed from one single rock.

  1. Abune yemata:- to arrive to this church you should walk about 30 minutes then you will get the GUH mountain then you start to climb to the mountain this mountain is almost 90 degree you will get foot holds and hand groove on this mountain to climb, on the top of the mountain you will find out the colorful AbuneYemata church with its grace.
  2. Debre Tsion :- This rock hewn church have got a unique structured building which is supported by six pillars ,it is decor by Amazing designs and also painted ancient paints this gives the beauty to Debre Tsion Church.
  3. Mariam Korkor:- This rock hewn church is constructed inside the mountain you only watch the front wall of the church which is painted white while other side of the church is the hard mountain rock when you arrive to this church you can watch panoramic view of the Gheralta areas and also other surrounding churches , the interior of this church is quite amazing the paints and drawings have their own meaning also the remarkable manuscripts.
  4. Abune Gebre Mikael:- this church is another outstanding church found inside the rock hill ,it has two wooden wide gets to this church ,as like of other Gheralta rock hewn churches its well decore with marvelous paints, there are eight colons inside the church with unique placement.
Lalibela rock hewn churches
Lalibela is magnificent rock-hewn churches erected in 12 century, which are carved out of living volcanic tuff with amazing architectural skill, this churches erected by king Lalibela his ambition was to make this place holly land of Christianity, there are eleven surrounding churches both of them have their own specialties by architectural but they are same been erected from one single bedrock it is amazing place that you should watch in your life time.

Nakuto Le Ab church
Nakutolab church is one of the tourist attraction found nearby Lalibela Rock hewn churches, the church is build inside the mountain cave with identical painting also attractive space use with best shapes of door and windows, it is found only 6 km from the town of Lalibela.

Debre libanos monastery
This monastery is found in northern part of Ethiopia it is 110 km from Addis Ababa, this monastery is founded in 13th century by his holiness saint Tekle Haymanot, he is been prays for 7 years on his one foot, this monastery played significant role for the spread of Christianity to the highlands of Ethiopia.
You can find monks living in the cave , this monastery is use to teach religious knowledge those students known as ‘ yekolo Temari’ also you can find the best religious museum which have got many ancient heritages.

Lake Tana islands and monastery
There are a lot of ancient churches and monasteries in the lake “Tana” islands this all are made before 14 century both of them fund in different island there are 37 islands in Lake Tana, all the islands are ever green also you can find coffee farms and the best spot to watch the endemic birds of Ethiopia, You will observe the priceless ancient history’s and natural attractions of Ethiopia in the lake Tana area, in most of the monastery woman’s are not allowed but you can check out the surrounding natural beauty of the islands.

Debre Birhan Selasie Church, Gonder
Next to the Fasil palace the other tourist attraction in Gonder town is Debre Birhan Trinity church, it is built in 17th century by emperor Eyasu 2nd, among the Gonder ancient churches this church is survive from the mahadist soldiers by the swarm of bees descended on the compound of the church during the attempt of the attack then the soldiers run back.

The church architecture and interior painting makes it one of the beautiful church of Ethiopia, in the compound you can get a large wall with 12 founded tower those represent the 12 apostles, the interior wall is decor with art of many angels face, on the top side of the iconic ceiling there is a second story which have got a window which is used to attend ceremony for the emperor.