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Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa is a capital of Ethiopia as well as Africa where the African union head quarter found, Addis Ababa is founded by Emperor Minilik 2nd in 1887, Addis Ababa means ‘New flower’ by local language “Amharic” it is named by Empress Taytu after she watch the present city of Addis Ababa, now this city have got 4 million population also many international organizations and over 120 Embassies found in Addis Ababa, you can see all the varieties of Attractions both historical and modern, the major attraction of Addis Ababa is

Mercato:- it is the largest open air market in Africa , the very haste place in the country you can get what you want from the hand craft to big factory products and don’t forget to negotiate when you buy

Holy Trinity cathedral church:- it is one of the biggest most beautiful Ethiopian orthodox cathedral it was built to commemorate the country’s libration from the Italian in 1941.

Entoto Mountain:- this mountain is the roof of Addis Ababa it rise up to 3,300m above sea level it is the most important historical site of Addis Ababa you can find the palace of Minilik 2nd founder of Addis Ababa and the first church of Addis Ababa called St Marry and St Raguel ,the mountain is covered by forest where you can see different birds ,the breath taking panoramic view of the Addis Ababa is stunning on this mountain.

Ethiopian Ethnological museum:- this museum is found in the Addis Ababa university , it is well organized place to know Ethiopians Ethnics, instruments , Artifacts and tools this museum is the blueprint of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian National museum:- it is one of the most popular museum you can see the 3.18 million years hominid called Australopithecus Afarensis or Lucy (Dinknesh), ancient civilization materials ,Ethiopian artifacts and other earliest civilization materials.

The surrounding of Addis Ababa is also attractive for excursion with few km drives you can get best natural and historical attractions such as Debreziet town found in the rift valley area have got a lot of attractive lakes, Debre Libanos monastery established in 13th century, Tiya archeological site one of the UNESCO site, Adady Mariam rock-hewn church, the menagesha Suba forest the oldest forest in Africa, wonchi area most beautiful natural attraction which include the wonchi Crater Lake and Wonchi Mountain.

Tour Code: AET-29
Duration: 1 day
Type of tour:- city tour
Mode of transport:- minibus

Package Details

Day 1:- Addis Ababa
visiting the first biggest open market in Africa, the marvelous cathedral Trinity church, Ethiopian Ethnological museum watching lot of ancient historical materials including fossil of mankind aged of 3.18 million years ,going up to Entoto mountain visiting the first church of Addis Ababa and palace ,the panoramic view of Addis Ababa and testing the traditional dishes of Ethiopia and watching the different cultural dance of Ethiopia at cultural club, Departure.