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Ethiopia also known as Abyssinia, is one of the oldest nation in the world age of 3,000 years and the origin of modern humans (Homo sapiens) early hominid fossils discovered in Ethiopia such as the 3.18 million years Australopithecus Afarensis, or “Lucy” (Denknesh) and the 4.4 million years Ardi discovered in the lower Awash valley this place is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Axumite kingdom is been one of the ancient powerful kingdom in the world since 1st century A.D that its power impact for southern Arabia, Asia and Egypt, during this Empire Christianity introduce to Ethiopia, Ethiopians make alphabets and calendar which is composed of 13 months & 7 years earlier than GC, there are many pre historic telling places & materials of this kingdom Such as the magnificent Axum obelisks still standing in Axum town which is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, the coins that used by the kingdom and the Archeological sites are to be seen in Ethiopia, after 10th Century AD the kingdom start to decline then the Zagwe kingdom took the reign and form its capital in Lalibela you can see the standing magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which are erected in late 11 century they are one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Ethiopia is the only nation in Africa who never colonized by European powers, Ethiopians defeated the modern Italian tropes at the battle of Adawa in 1896 by the leader of Emperor Minilik 2nd , and this is the reason why many African countries use the Ethiopian flag as their symbol which is green, yellow & red.

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