A one Ethiopia tours

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Day Travel Itineraries Hotel
1 Drive to Robe Early we depart from Addis Ababa proceed driving to Goba En route you will visit the zuway Lake , overnight in Wabishebelle Hotel Wabishebelle Hotel
2 Drive to Gaysay Grasslands Drive to Gaysay Grasslands which is the flat landscape you will have a chance different wild Animals including the endemic mountain Niyala, warthog, Jackal and different bird species including the endemics Wabishebelle Hotel
3 Drive to Sennate plateau Drive to Sennate plateau which is the Afro Alpine landscape you will have a chance to see different flora and fauna also the endemic mice, rates and mole rats if you are lucky you will see the endemic Ethiopian wolves the location is found near to the Tulu Dimtu mountains which is the second highs mountain in Ethiopia(4,377m) next to Ras Dashen in Semien mountains park Wabishebelle Hotel
4 Day trip to Harenna forest Drive to Harenna forest which is the dense ever green forest with cloud, you will have a chance to see colobus monkey, baboon, the endemic Minilik bushbuck also Bale monkeys, then drive back Wabishebelle Hotel
5 Domestic flight to Addis Ababa Drive to Robe town then transfer to airport for your domestic flight to Addis Ababa, after arrival you will make a mini city tour in Addis Ababa including the Museum then you will attend our fare well dinner at cultural restaurant, Depending on your flight schedule you will transfer to airport. Departure