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Addis Ababa City Tours
After arrival at Addis Ababa you will make a city tour in Addis Ababa starting from National Museum of Ethiopia, then we will drive to the 3,000 meters mountain called ENTOTO to visit the first palace also church of ADDIS ABABA, then transfer to your hotel

Jupiter Hotel
2 Domestic Flight to Lalibela After arrival at Lalibela you will make a check in at your hotel then you will visit the first & second group churches in Lalibela then drive back to your Hotel leisure Lal Hotel
Excursion around Lalibela
Early in the Morning you will visit the interesting church ceremony as well as watching the rest of surrounding churches both of them have their own specialties by architectural but they are same been erected from one single bedrock that the world has never seen yet, after you have lunch we will drive to Ashtone Mariam Church after you hike the stunning mountain you will visit the ancient church Lal Hotel
4 Drive to Bahirdar After arrival you will make a city tour in the most beautiful town of Ethiopia then you will make a Boat trip on lake Tana to visit the 14th century monasteries located at the islands those monasteries have got many historical and religious manuscripts, not only this you can observe many natural gifts such as coffee farms Home land Hotel
5 Drive to Gonder town We will drive to Blue Nile falls which is located 30 km out of Bahirdar, after visiting the stunning water fall drive back to Bahirdar drive to then proceed driving to Gonder town which is founded by King Fasil in the 16th century, visiting the Fasil castle which has got amazing architectural design and the 17th century Debre Birhan Selase church Goha Hotel
6 Drive to Semien Mountains national park Drive to Semien Mountains national park, after arrival you will make a hiking or trekking in the beautiful landscape of the park also you will have a chance to visit the endemic Gelada baboons Semien lodge
7 Drive to Axum Drive to Axum thorough the Tekeze valley where you can see the amazing Land escapes, After arrival at Axum town Visiting the ancient town where you can see the ancient obelisks which are a UNESCO world heritages then visiting the church of St. marry or Zion where the original Ark of the convenient is kept secretly Sabean Hotel
8 Domestic flight to Arbaminch After Arrival at Arbaminch depending on the arrival time drive to Visit the Dorze tribe who are well known by their weaving and their amazing house building Depending on the day visiting the local market then arrival at Arbaminch town Haile Resort
9 Drive to Jinka Via Key Afer After you make a boat trip on Lake Chamo to watch the crocodile market proceed driving to Jinka, after you had lunch at Karat town proceed driving to Jinka visiting the south Omo ethnological museum
Eco-Omo Safari Lodge
10 Drive to Mago national park Drive in to Mago national park to visit the Mursi people the woman who is well known by their clay disc on their lower lip then drive back to Jinka to drive to Turmi town lunch will be at Key Afer town after arrival at Turmi if there is a bull jumping ceremony in Hammer tribe village you will attend the program also you will visit the Hammer people village Paradise Lodge
11 Excursion to Omorate then Drive to Konso Early we drive to Omorate then Crossing the Omo River by local boat excursion to visit the Dasenech tribes observing variety of diverse life style then drive back to Turmi after lunch we will drive to Karat town to visit the interesting Konso people village, watching their cultural landscape terracing which is a UNESCO world heritage, the ancient wooden statues and finally you will visit the Konso people cultural center Kanta Lodge
12 Excursion to El Sod You will visit the Salt Lake known as Chew bet then you will have the opportunity to visit the local pastoral people of Borena and market
Yabelo Motel
13 Drive to Yirgalem Today you will visit the attractive nature by passing through many wide coffee plantations the Yirgacheffe area is a wide popular coffee trade mark of Ethiopia
Aregash Lodge
14 Drive back to Addis Ababa Early we start driving back to Addis Ababa En route you will visit Awassa town where you can see the Fish Market also to experience water Birds also you will make a mini tour at Abijata National park to see different species of Birds, after arrival at Addis Ababa you will visit Local art gallery or having personal activities then you will attend our fare well dinner at cultural restaurant, Depending on your flight schedule you will transfer to airport. Departure