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A one Ethiopia tours PLC brings you the best in both quality and value services for custom or package tours to Ethiopia with friendly tour guides , professional staff and best condition vehicles, whether you wish to watch the wonder of a 3,000 years historical places or the industrious people with their diverse cultures or whether you wish to watch the wonder of natural gifts harmonized by wild life & bird life including the Endemics, in the amazing dramatic land escapes from the Danakil depression 120 meters below sea level to the top of 4,500 meters of Ras Dashen mountain peak, we are the best specialist of Ethiopian Adventure, We believe that your trip should be truly unforgettable, so we work hard for it.


Discover the real Ethiopia with best local tour operator in Ethiopia we offer package tours & tailor made tours to all attractions of Ethiopia!


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8 Days Cultural tour to Omo Valley



“It has been a real experience we will never forget we wish our trip to be a timeless, I will like to thank all the staffs of A one Ethiopia tours for your big efforts“ Johanna Bram from Germany



Afar (Danakil) Desert


Ethiopia coffee farm tour


Ethiopian miscellaneous tour


Ethiopian National parks & sanctuary


Events & festivals of Ethiopia


Harar the walled UNESCO town


Lalibela & Lake Tana islands


Bird watching tour